Virtual celebration of the 3rd International Youth Media Day

Virtual celebration of the 3rd International Youth Media Day

Young diplomats, filmmakers and media workers from all over the world will gather to celebrate the importance and influence of the media in the modern world.

This year’s International Youth Media Day will be held online via YouTube on Saturday, March 13, 2021, starting at 4 p.m. GMT (5 p.m. local Croatia time). The organizers are the Croatian Film Association and the International Youth Media Summit (IYMS). International Youth Media Day is an annual celebration of the art of young people from all over the world, from photography, painting and poetry to music and stage performances and film screenings with live streaming.

The aim of the event is to present the way in which young people imagine the future of society and the world through art, multimedia and diverse talents. By emphasizing the importance of art together, young people get to know other cultures, gain new acquaintances and participate in programs that will inspire them to further creation.

Given the virtual nature of the event, this year’s International Youth Media Day will connect hundreds of people around the world. In this way, despite the pandemic conditions, young people will use their knowledge and media literacy to make meaningful and lasting connections with peers and colleagues from all continents. Beneficial changes in their communities will be encouraged under the auspices of this year’s theme and inspiration for young people: Unleashing Creativity in Times of Adversity. As part of the public call, several hundred visual works were received – paintings, drawings and photographs which will be displayed as part of the event, accompanied by activities such as a short music program, interviews and performances by delegates.

IYMS is basically an annual event. For an organization dedicated to promoting change in the world, it is extremely important to go beyond the standard framework and that such engagement is manifested throughout the year. IYMD is one such program; On this day we truly celebrate the youth, their skills and talents. Croatia is one of the few countries in the world where media literacy is extremely prominent. Therefore, on this occasion we are celebrating this exceptional achievement“, said Rebeka Čuljak, member of the Youth Committee and co-organizer of IYMS.

Ora Kovač, who is participating in the Summit for the fourth time, believes that “The center of the Summit, so to speak, the heart of the organization, has always been young people. Promoting not only media literacy and education, but enabling young people to show and promote their ideas and opinions in a creative way forms the very core of IYMS, and thus IYMD. Therefore, as this year’s organizers and as young people, it is extremely important for us to integrate as many young people as possible into IYMD in order to provide them with a platform through which they can show their ideas, knowledge and skills, but also learn from their peers.

Antonio Britvar, Chairman of the Youth Committee and co-organizer of IYMS, explained the details of the organization: “We have united young creative forces and prepared many interesting live broadcasts that will unite the smaller celebrations around the world. At the same time, we present to the world our first episode of IYMS TV, where we will continuously showcase and promote the projects of young diplomats and filmmakers participating in IYMS’s activities several times a year.

International Youth Media Day is related to the International Youth Media Summit (IYMS), an annual event bringing together many young diplomats and filmmakers, and this summer it should also be held in Croatia – in person or in a hybrid variant.

For more detailed information about the event itself and how you can attend, access this link.

The stream is available for watching below:

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