17th IYMS

July 27 – August 7, 2022
Falkenberg, Sweden

Faces of Courage: Transforming a Post-Pandemic World

International Youth Media Summit in partnership with Kultur i Halland – Film / Region Halland is thrilled to announce the 17th edition of our main event – our first physical once since the COVID-19 pandemic!

Young filmmakers and social activists will gather in Falkenberg, Sweden for the 17th annual IYMS. After our two online editions from Croatia, we are still in Europe – returning back to Sweden, where we will continue to build bridges across cultures fuelled by the power of media.

IYMS 2022 is expected to gather more than 70 delegates including young filmmakers and media enthusiasts from all over the world. At the end of the Summit, the young delegates from more than 20 different countries will screen their short films about the 7 major global issues.

Schedule Overview

Below is a list of delegates who have been invited to participate in the 17th IYMS event in Sweden. Congratulations! We will be sending out official email with confirmations on Monday, April 18th. We will also be expecting your reply in the following 7 days in order to hold your spot on this list.

We appreciate the effort and time everyone has taken to share their story with us through their application. All of the submissions we received were compelling, which made it very difficult for us to decide on our first list of invited delegates. We had many factors to consider when making final selections – not the least of which was balancing world-wide participation.

After an in-depth scoring and evaluation process, we have assigned some applicants to the Waiting List. So for all other delegates – we have great faith in you and would love to stay connected regarding your potential participation in case any spots become available at a later time. Expect to receive emails as well on Monday, April 18th.

Live Stream

Welcome to the 17th IYMS!

1 Ahmad Ezam Bawary Afghanistan
2 Georgia Alex Australia
3 Brendon Mitchell Ray Australia
4 Antonio Britvar Croatia
5 Rebeka Čuljak Croatia
6 Mashhour Aboelftouh Fawzy Mohamed Egypt
7 Omar Mashhour Mohamed Egypt
8 Homayun Akram Germany
9 Eddie Arriaga Flores Germany
10 Lorretta Mpame Oneke Ntui Germany
11 Godfrey Godfrey Slavius Ghana
12 Darshan Parajuli India
13 Meet Rajesh Patel India
14 Nidhi Raj India
15 Nishanth Raj India
16 Farhad Ayatollahi Iran
17 Giora Rana Israel
18 Stella Bellini Italy
19 Chiara Bertolasi Italy
20 Damiano Galafassi Damiano Italy
21 Francesca Malagutti Italy
22 Giovanni Malagutti Italy
23 Anna Zacchè Italy
24 Sara Zacchè Italy
25 Amal Jamal Al-Faouri Jordan
26 Majd Dib Ayoub Lebanon
27 Ibrahim Koroma Kiazolu Liberia
28 Violet Chanza Black Malawi
29 El Idrissi Hafida Morocco
30 Frieda Lukas Namibia
31 Orben Silume Muluti Namibia
32 Deon Mandume Shekuza Namibia
33 Gunjan Verma Adhikari Nepal
34 Manish Adhikari Nepal
35 Aayush Bista Nepal
36 Manoj Bohara Nepal
37 Prajwal Budhathoki Nepal
38 Rabin Chaudhary Nepal
39 Bikesh Gautam Nepal
40 Sapan Hamal Nepal
41 Yug Raj Khadka Nepal
42 Rashmita Limbu Nepal
43 Jasper Neupane Nepal
44 Upakar Pandey Nepal
45 Pratick Paudel Nepal
46 Sanket Paudel Nepal
47 Rajiv Sherpa Nepal
48 Suman Wagle Nepal
49 Ferdinand Ladi Adimefe Nigeria
50 Temiloluwa Awawu Oyeniyi Nigeria
51 Syed Farrukh Abbas Pakistan
52 Aaqib Ali Pakistan
53 Asir Ahmed Khan Pakistan
54 Kiran Naz Pakistan
55 Abdul Rehman Pakistan
56 Kainat Thebo Pakistan
57 Leonardo Jesús Salvá Ramírez Perú
58 Fatima Denise Gal Philippines
59 Bochola Sara Arero Rwanda
60 Alex Ngarambe Rwanda
61 Rifthi Ali Sri Lanka
62 Benislos Thushan Anton Vijayakumar Sri Lanka
63 Danni Dishon Xavier Sri Lanka
64 Anna Engström Sweden
65 Birgitta Olsson Sweden
66 Callum Vize Thailand
67 Osian Ifan Andrew UK
68 Pui Hei Chloe Chan UK
69 Erfan Hamidi UK
70 Dion Wyn Hughes UK
71 Rhiannon Wyn Hughes UK
72 Joseph Vaz Nicholas Maria Thevathas UK
73 Ffion Angharad Pritchard UK
74 Benett Berkowitz USA
75 Christian Celestine USA
76 Catherine “Cathee” Cohen USA
77 Julia Amanda Durham USA
78 Talaya Ariana Grayson USA
79 Lina Michele Jackson USA
80 John Thomas Latimer USA
81 Hilaria Litton USA
82 Jonathan Lopez USA
83 Samira Guadalupe Ornelas USA
84 Holden Evan Schade USA
85 Tylin Scott USA
86 Evelyn Mary Seubert USA
87 Michelle Shahryar USA
88 Stephanie Stan USA
89 Kimberly Vanegas USA
90 Mwenya Enock Kabense Zambia
91 Kimberly Chiseche Makukula Zambia
92 Lubomba Mbachi Mulambo Zambia
93 Mumba Mumba Zambia
94 Mampi Njekwa Zambia