IYMS presents 4th International Youth Media Day, announcing first in-person event since the pandemic

IYMS presents 4th International Youth Media Day, announcing first in-person event since the pandemic

Media enthusiasts will gather virtually and physically for the fourth time to showcase the impact and influence of media in the modern world

On March 9th, young diplomats, filmmakers, advisors and media educators from all around the world will come together to mark International Youth Media Day (IYMD) under the theme “Faces of Courage“. This special day is an annual celebration of art and impactful media usage by young people around the globe, celebrating art forms from photography, painting and poetry to film screenings, theatrical and musical performances.

This year’s IYMD events will span an entire week to connect hundreds of changemakers around the world virtually. These events aim to elevate the voices of youth and demonstrate the importance of utilizing multimedia for local, national and international betterment. Being aware of the current international crisis, IYMS wants to amplify the significance of true information and how it can be shared and presented through a digital space. By emphasizing the importance of media literacy internationally, young people get to know other cultures, make new acquaintances and participate in programs that will inspire them to continue creating and communicating. Despite the global pandemic and recent events, young people can use their knowledge and skillsets to share with their peers meaningful and long-lasting understanding regarding the most pressing global issues.

This is in line with the core values of IYMS, and one of its main beliefs: that nobody can tackle and solve the most challenging issues alone. That’s why IYMS works with young people to push boundaries and break barriers, fueled by the power of media, coming together to make an impact on the world. Cooperation in diplomacy and filmmaking may be essential, but accomplishing that as a joint effort in IYMS is something even more special.

This year’s IYMD is especially exciting for IYMS as they announce this summer’s physically-held main event after hosting it for two years in a virtual manner. The 17th International Youth Media Summit will be held in Falkenberg, Sweden from July 27 to August 7, 2022, where more than 70 delegates from all around the world will meet to work on new short films. The event will be organized by Kultur i Halland – Film, Region Halland. At the end of the Summit, the young delegates from more than 20 different countries will screen their short films about the 7 major global issues.

The President of IYMS, Evelyn Seubert said, “This year’s theme, ‘Faces of Courage’, is very timely. With recent events, we have seen the importance of individuals standing up for humanity. We encourage all youth to find ways, big and small, to act with courage; and join with us to create the model for a courageous, cooperative world community.”

IYMS invites young people from all around the world to apply and participate in the event this summer: https://iyms.org/17th-iyms/. Applications are now live and open until April 1st, 2022. The event has limited capacity, so make sure to apply on time!

You can join the celebration of the 4th IYMD on March 9th by responding to Instagram stories and writing your own posts with #IYMD2022. Also, make sure to keep up with IYMS’s social media to see how youth across the globe mark this special day.

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