What Are The 7 Issues

Delegates from all around the world come together in one location to explore the most urgent global issues for two weeks. They create social action plans that are tightly connected to these issues:

Recognized by the delegates of the 1st IYMS in 2006, all of these Issues still impact lives everywhere in the world. Every year for the past 13 years, new delegates have explored the power and impact of media to transform attitudes, behaviors and lives. They apply their new awareness to the making of films about the social issues that matter the most to them.

The final products of each Summit include:

  • seven short films, each focused on finding a solution to one of these issues
  • seven workshop guides, tools to accompany the films to stimulate dialogue and action in community settings around the world
  • written and recorded declarations, individual stories related to the Issues explored at the Summit

By confronting and examining global problems, and exploring solutions together, the delegates are bound in a shared purpose. Working toward a common goal and being accountable for a concrete creative product within a limited time period provides the perfect “stew” for collaboration. Conflicts arise and must get resolved. Barriers of misunderstanding and ignorance are broken down, friendships emerge, creativity flows…

In this process, youth create a model for a peaceful yet dynamic, cooperative world community.