The IYMS Global Ambassador for Children’s Rights and Education, Mohamed Sidibay, spoke at the United Nations on Monday, September 24, 2018. His speech was entitled Funding the Future: Challenges and Responses to the Reintegration of Child Soldiers.

Mohamed Sidibay also attended the Bill and Melinda Gates GoalKeepers Conference in 2018 and is part of the Global Partnership for Education.

UNFPA profiled four 2018 IYMS delegates in its Webinar, “Lights, Camera, ACTION!” on October 18, 2018.

IYMS won the KIND Foundation October challenge in 2017 with the prize of $10,000.

The True Impact – A film by the 2016 IYMS Violence group

  • Winner – the 2017 Plural+ Award for the Prevention of Xenophobia (presented at the United Nations)
  • Winner – the International Yellow Flag award for promoting non-violence at the Four River Film Festival in Croatia
  • Included in the UN Migration Agency’s “I Am A Migrant” campaign to promote diversity and inclusion of migrants in society.

What You Plant You Harvest – A film by the 2017 IYMS Environment Group

  • Won 1st Place in the PSA category at the 2017 MY HERO International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Petals of Hope – A film by Sarah Morcos for the 2008 IYMS Summit

  • Won the United Nations Human Rights Award

In 2010 IYMS parent company TIME received the 2010 Paul Mann Peace and Justice Award.

In 2018 Adama Lee Bah represented IYMS at the MIL Week in Riga, Latvia.

Babar Ali represented IYMS at the 8th UNAOC Global Forum at the United Nations, November, 2018.

In 2017 Anna Eriksson represented IYMS and spoke at UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week in Jamaica.

In November 2017, Sarah Randolph spoke at the Paley Center for Media discussing “Youth Media Promoting Positive Social Action”.

IYMS President Evelyn Seubert:

  • Won the 2017 My Hero Global Peacemaker Award, nominated by Mohamed Sidibay
  • Won the 2018 IVCLA Outstanding Citizen Diplomat Award